We part only to Meet again

My recent poem I wrote for my friend 🙂

We part only to Meet again

Known I have you, its been a while.
But memories I have of you is a huge pile.
Always nice to see you speak with a beautiful smile.
Want you to always go an extra mile
Happy I am for you, for you fly across oceans.
You won’t be near , so there will be few sad notions.
I know you’ll have a plethora of friends.
So the fun in your life never ends.
I admire you, coz you are hardworking and dedicated.
You are tough-minded at the same time tenderhearted.
You have a strong mind and a strong will,
U have a plan and implement you will.
I know in life you reach greater heights.
And in times to come achieve greater feats.
You have been an awesome friend.
People like you are very hard to find.
Here is me with lots of love and care,
Wishing you all the best and great future.
– Harsha

7 thoughts on “We part only to Meet again

  1. Didn’t know how I missed reading this. So simple, yet so meaningful.

    P.S: I don’t mind parting away if somebody can write such wonderful lines 😛

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