Ghatikallu – Some pictures

I took this picture at Ghatikallu, an awesome place. For more details about the place visit their website . I am not a great photographer or something , but want to pursue it as a hobby 🙂
 Ghatikallu - Some pictures


Ghatikallu - Some picturesGhatikallu - Some pictures

You can download original files from here (file size : 6.43 MB) and use them as wallpapers !!

11 thoughts on “Ghatikallu – Some pictures

  1. Hi Harsha

    We are group of 6 friends planning to visit ghatikallu..please put in ur experirnce?
    How far is it from blore?is it worth spending 2 night over der?
    How is d tarrif and all?Actually we dont prefer much is yhe place worth to visit apart from trekking?
    wat all the places we can visit in and around ghatikallu?

    Thanking u in advance


    1. Hi Deepak, It is a nice place, had great fun, we were 7 people. There is waterfall, a coffee estate, night there will be campfire you can have fun without trekking. But I suggest you try trekking coz u get to see amazing sights of clouds, hills. there are two trekking spots we went to the one which is longer. You can try the shorted one if you like. We left from Bangalore at 12 night and reached 6,7 in the morning. and started our way back next day evening(We only stayed a night there and two days). I think this would be ideal plan.The price was 1700 for us. About places around, im not aware as we didnt plan for that. You can ask manjunath (ghatikallu contact) for places around.The place is definitely worth. When we went it was raining most of the times, we had fun inspite of that. Do check the weather before you go there, If it is cold its OK, but rain sometimes plays the spoilsport.
      Happy journey, Have fun !!!! hope this helped

    1. Hey Its been sometime now. I dont recall the route man. Call Manjunath or someone there , we also went the route they suggested. Sorry cudn’t help more !

  2. Hi Harsha

    I am Jaya from HSBC, my team is planning to go to this place. Looks nice. Your pictures are very beautifull. We had been to Rottikallu last year during July-August. Was a beautiful place too. Had great fun during treking which was two and a half hours(to & fro). Hope we will enjoy more in this new place too.

    1. Thanks Jaya for stopping by and your comments about my pictures, Yes we had awesome fun when we went there. Trekking was fantastic experience, waterfall was even great 🙂 Very much worth a visit, I hope you have good time here too. We are also planning rotikallu sometime this year, do leave more comments if you have any abt rotikallu.

  3. can u please tell me if september is the right time to visit ghatikallu..i am from north canara district..and i think it might be not an ideal time to visit,due to rains..please suggest..

    1. We went in August last year , it was raining then ! but had great time, trekking and waterfall in rains is good. Campfire needs to be dropped if raining . I suggest you go in this time, do take care of mobile and camera while trekking as few of our gadgets got spoiled during trekking in rain ! Have a great time 🙂 Thanks for stopping by !

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