Review : Xperia X10 with Android 2.1

Sigh !, gasped all the Xperia X10, mini and mini pro users when Sony Ericsson started to roll out Android 2.1 a.k.a Eclair. But its not over yet, currently rolled out only to nordic region (when this blog was posted). I had to debrand my Xperia X10i to lay my hands on Eclair!(I am from India), Thanks to XDA. Though Eclair is outdated by months now, I have to say it is impressive =) . I have to admit Eclair being impressive doesnt reduce our desire to have Froyo(I dont think this will ever materialize 😦 ) . Following are my thoughts after using Xperia X10 for a day.

1. Unlock screen: is very snappy, far better than the curved unlock before. This unlock screen is very responsive. You can put phone on silent right from the unlock screen, though an option to put phone to vibrate from unlock screen  would have been handy. Now we need to unlock the phone and then we can put phone to vibrate mode.

2. Home Screen and widgets : Again, nothing great, but very handy. How often I had thought it would be better to have more than 3 home screens of the stock(without any launcher). Also Recent calls and status switch widgets are nice. Notifications tab is slightly thicker which is nice.

3. Timescape and Mediascape : Sony Ericsson has been very stubborn in pushing these signature apps even after hearing cries from users that not many use it regularly. In Eclair although there are some improvements in responsiveness in both apps, they are incomplete and there are zillions of apps out there that does job better. Timescape has text scrolling now, so you need not click on the card on the spline to get full text.

Yes SE (Sony Ericsson) needs them as differentiating factor but these are bullshit apps for following reasons :

  • There are apps that do better jobs than this
  • The functionality and experience  they offer is not complete. Eg: You cannot reply for message or tweet, cannot post comment to facebook without leaving timescape.
  • You cannot create playlist in Mediascape. Also you need minimum two clicks to play a song.
  • Lack of widget in Mediascape and also both apps are CPU hogs (affects battery life and responsiveness)

4. 720p HD with continuous Auto focus : Really awesome, I’m not sure how many other phones have continuous auto focus, this is great improvement from the last iteration(donut). The pictures and video are very clear and better in Eclair. Still no flash (not adobe )support, though it is useless to have LED flash.

5. New Apps: Being Eclair opens up the market a bit more as few apps require Android 2.0 and above.

Apps to check out would be Angry bird, Official Twitter app, Fennec(Mozilla), Vlingo to name a few.

6. Keyboard : Good keyboard, doesn’t hang as Donut versions’ one. Difficult for people who use smiley as they need to navigate to other set of keys. Correction feature is good, slightly similar to iPhone.I would like if SE puts swype as default keyboard?

7. Battery Life : I haven’t got chance to actually do a quantitative comparison with Donut as I am busy installing , testing new features of Eclair. Having said that I have to stress that if there is 30% improvement in battery life as SE claims, it would be great.

All in all Xperia X10 with above mentioned improvement is good – More responsive, more usable hopefully more stable than Donut .And I maintain no where near Froyo’s as Eclair lacks JIT compiler, V8 javascript engine and more stable kernel.Hope SE makes up its mind to upgrade to Froyo and break the prejudice that users have of SE that they move on to new models dumping its predecessors.

56 thoughts on “Review : Xperia X10 with Android 2.1

  1. Hi as I saw many ppl are saying root the phone with xda developers help…
    If we do it then phone will be warranty voided or how… can you give u r thoughts

    1. rooting gives you root user access(in Linux terms) . Void of warranty difficult to say, as it might brick your phone,
      Since you are asking this question, I would suggest not to go for rooting unless you are a power user who likes tweaking with system clock, or want to use some apps that requires rooting to work.Do let me know if you need anything more. Meanwhile you can go thru this link 🙂

  2. im a ghanaian and i bought xperia x10 in a mall in ghana. the fone is not tied to any network. im using a Zain chip and on checking the brand of the fone i realsed that it’s x10i and customised. what is d meaning of it being customised even though the box containing the fone indicated that it was meant for France b’cos afta putting it on, the language was french and i had to the language. will i also get d 2.1 update or i have to root it the XDA way? kindly help me out here b’cos its hard getting information on such fones in Africa especially in Ghana. thank you for your help.

    1. Mike, Im assuming Zain chip is a service provider here, Im afraid i am not sure when you will get the update, try checking local Sony Ericsson shops to find out more. If they say it will take more time and you cant wait u can always use XDA method. The method in the link provided in this blog doesn’t root the phone, it re-flashes it with Nordic firmware.Since yours is X10i this method works fine. Root method is even simpler 🙂

  3. Did u root/flash ur handset to nordic fw to get the 2.1 update?
    Coz I have a customized Indian version X10, but update yet. if u did root or flash, could u tell me which method, I dont plan on doing coz I wanna wait for the official update but I m just curious to know which method u used to get the update.

  4. @harshkn, i learnt when u re-flash the fone with the Nordic firmware, your fone is full of bugs. how true is that?.

  5. @harshkn, sory if im disturbing you, but you know, i lv my xperia x10 soo much and i want the best for it.
    Model – X10i
    Country – France
    Brand – Customized FR.
    please, kindly explain what this means? does it mean i’l have to wait for the 2.1 update for France before my fone will also get the update or i wil have to wait for the global update as i’m in Africa(Ghana). thankz for your help.

  6. @Harshkn, thank you soo much and your responses ezpecialy d last one realy helped me in understanding my brand of fone. you are a genious.

    anyway, i hardly have friendz outside Africa so if you dont mind, you are gonna b ma 1st Indian e-mail is and cell phone number is +233-266-812-505.

    thank you again, ma friend..haha..

  7. @Harskn, i was able to update my fone with SEUS after my fone requested me to update to 2.1. it requested me to use the PC companion but after i connected my fone to the computer, PC companion said my fone was up to date even though i was still using 1.6. i went to the update section and clicked on repair and after sometime it re-installed and i had my 2.1. its wndfl and im loving the update. its waowwww…!!! awesomw…thank you again for your help.

  8. welcome to Eclair club atl(e)ast.. try voice search.. try to use nexus one gallery app.. are u rooted ur x10.. if so try root explorer..

    1. hehe, 😛 LOL, are u speaking of 3d gallery app? there was some problem while rooting other day, will try again this weekend, then ill try root explorer 🙂

  9. the 2.1 is great on xperia x10i. im loving the update and wish 2.2 or 2.3 will come faster. xperia x10 is a serious fone. which site will i get great stuff for xperia x10 to download from??

  10. Hey,
    Now I wasn’t planning to flash my phone to Nordic fw but last night I accidentally deleted the default.prop file and after tht I wudn’t let me check for update or even repair my phone software so then I decided to finally flash it get the 2.1 since the indian fw isn’t gonna get here ne sooner.
    So, after I started playing with it, I noticed I coudn’t send files over bluetooth from my laptop to my phone but I had no trouble sending files from my phone to my laptop. I keep getting the same error, no services found. Did u experience this, or do u how I can fix it ??
    Are u using the nordic 2.1 as well?

    1. Hi Alap, had you rooted your phone b4, bcoz u cant delete default.prop is you haven’t rooted. Anyways for the question related to Bluetooth, i didn’t find any problem for both sending and receiving files to/from computer. Yes im using nordic 2.1 now

      1. HEHE yeah I had rooted my phone to c wut the update notification on the would look like by changing the fingerprint in the default.prop file, but ended up deleting the file itself :p
        So wut do u think could be the problem with sending files from my computer to my phone ? Any suggestions on how I can fix it ?

      2. EDIT: The problem is only when I try to send it from my laptop which is win 7 64-bit but not from my other laptop which is win XP.

      1. Oh and do u plan on changing ur fw to indian or do u plan on sticking to nordic? If u do plan to change it to indian then do let me know how u do it.
        Also do u use any task killer?
        Coz i did experience lag in the 2.1 so I was planning to get a task killer ….

      2. Can u confirm if u have a widget called smart serach on ur X10 coz I dont c it on my X10 but its there on my X10 mini pro …. ??

      3. Hey alap, im planning to stay on nordic, as i have to reinstall all apps and also i dont have any prob with it. You can change back to indian by rooting and changing the string to the old 1.6 and then try to update. Other method is to reflash 1.6 fw indian one (i dont have the back up of that !). I do use task killer only to kill some buggy apps which is eating up battery only. killer wont help to reduce lag. try launcher pro for that.

        smart search is only for mini and pro, nt for X10.

  11. Ok I dont know if u know,but there is not need to have 2.1 to get five homescreens,if you download a free app called panda home you can customize it or even more than 5 home screens

    1. I do know about the launchers , thats why there is a mention (without any launcher). There are many apps to get more than 3 screens, but it is always good to have it out of the box. Anyways thanks for mentioning the app 🙂

  12. Hello Harsh,

    Thanks for sharing this useful information.
    I am trying to update my Xperia. when i connect this to PC after shutting down my Xperia by pressing BACK key. I see after some time my phone automatic get start but my PC get hanged. I tried this two times but got same issue. 😦
    If you have any idea abt it please suggest me how can i solve this issue.
    Navin Bansal

    1. hi Navin, i had not heard of this problem b4. Have you tried reinstalling PC companion? (after uninstalling it) If not so try it once. For a quick fix try to update from another system once. Do tell me how it goes. Will let you know the exact solution soon ! Hope this helps 🙂

  13. Hi,

    After installing 2.1 battery backup is very bad, i have to charge twice daily.
    Is it because of up-gradation or any other problem in my phone.

    1. Pavan, im surprised. I find battery pretty gud compared to 1.6. But it also depends on usage, what do u use . I use 2 hrs of music, facebook, twitter hourly update, half hr gaming, 30 min of call, it comes for a day. Check what is using your battery most (settings->about phone -> battery) , if some crappy app is using the battery, uninstall and check once. Do tell me what happened ! hope this helps 🙂

      1. thanks for the reply, 40% of the battery is consumed by STANDBY.
        I hardly play music & use social network software, 30 mins of call, 60 mins of surfing via WiFi.

      2. I don’t see you are using much , but when you use wifi (wifi is a battery glutton) since your screen will be on most of the time when wifi is on and you are browsing (4inch screen remember !) I think it definitely drains the battery. If you want to know more about what uses battery most and how to adapt ,do check this video. It is for coders I admit but definitely helps every one to understand battery usage Google – Coding for Battery Life Hope this helps !

  14. Hello Harsh,
    I have x10 from Rogers Canada. I root it and now i have a x10i fv 1.6 R2BA024
    my gmail want load, software update wont work, not even pc companion. I would like to get the latest update and root my phone properly.
    Is there any step by step easy guide to root and get the latest update for my phone please.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Asanka, apologies for delay in replying. I don’t know whether 2.1 is out for rogers in Canada, If it is out you can check for update from phone (Settings->phone->update->search for update) . If you find follow this official update procedure .
      After upgrading follow the procedure here to root. Root for 2.1 is not the same as 2.1 so check this link
      Hope this helps 🙂 , do let me know how it went !

  15. Can you confirm MULTI TOUCH ZOOM IN (not zoom out) support on new GOOGLE MAPS UPDATE on XPERIA X10 ??
    coz I can and mine is not rooted or tweaked in any way.

    1. Hi it is just an illusion of multi touch that you are getting.Since xperia can’t process multi touch gestures it randomly senses touches and sends to digitizer.digitizer confuses it as double tap which is zoom in for maps.This is what I thought when I tried it after you commented.Do sent a video if you think the mt with your phone is more accurate, mine isn’t.And it is difficult to support MT when there aren’t drivers for that, which doesn’t exist in xperia.Thanks for following my blog 🙂

      1. hehehehe
        I completely agree with u but when u actually do it, it really seems like its responding to mt zoom gesture, and seeing tht i just wanted to confirm 😉
        Thanx …

    1. Hi Manish, there are a lot of benefits indeed 🙂 I wont suggest you to root, unless you are not happy with what you have or you are more used to hacking things and all

      a. rooting gives you superuser access to the phone (complete access), you can uninstall stock apps like mediascape etc
      b. You can to tethering.
      c. You can run custom ROMS available on various sites

      Check this page for more info 🙂

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