Top 10 Android Apps : Useful Apps Series

How many times you have come across apps that are pretty cool, only to know you hardly have instances to use them after sometime. Here I recommend few apps that are not just cool but very useful in day to day life.
After all what makes your smartphone smart is the apps it has ! isn’t it? Here we go
You can use the barcode scanner app on your smartphone tou download the app from Market(Use Barcode Scanner app from Market to use the QR codes available in the post below) . I have also shared the apps on Appbrain which gives you more details about the apps and also allows you to sync apps onto your smartphone.

1. Tuk Tuk Meter [Free] : Ever been ” taken for a ride ” by an auto driver in India or else where ? Here is a solution 🙂 Tuk Tuk Meter allows you to know the exact distance travelled by you. Guess what doesnt need GPRS/EDGE access at all. Works with just GPS. You can edit auto fares/minimum distance to customize according to the city you live in Also available for blackberry and symbian.

Android market QR-code
2. Handcent SMS [Free]: Bored with the stock SMS app, here is new one. Handcent SMS allows you to search, blacklist or protect your messages. There are lots of themes/fonts available to give a very rich looks. Check this out

Screenshot of Handcent SMS
3. Rockplayer lite [Free with Ad/Paid 9.99$] : Tired of encoding video to mp4 or any other format supported by your mobile. Use Rock Player which plays almost all the video formats (divx, flv, avi etc). If you think 9.99$ is too much, try V Player it is 2.96$ comes with free trail.

Screenshot of RockPlayer Lite
4. Pulse News Reader[Free]: One of the best readers available for Android, can add feeds from lot of websites. Check this out!

Screenshot of Pulse News Reader
5. Whatsapp Messenger [Free for 1 year/later 1.99$ per year] : Whatsapp lets you use Wifi/GPRS/3G to keep on touch with friends using SMS, but your friends also need to use this app.So invite more friends and get the most of Whatsapp 🙂

Screenshot of WhatsApp Messenger
6. SoundHound [Free with ad/ Paid 4.99$] : How often has it happened that you have heard this song, but could not recall the movie/album/singer. Don’t worry use Sound Hound lets you recognize the song/singer and information related to the song.

Screenshot of SoundHound
7. Gesture Search [Free] : Best apps to search contacts/music/apps etc on your smart phone. This app from google indexes all the stuff on your smartphone and allows you to search them instantly with gestures. Use it to get the feel

Screenshot of Gesture Search
8. Elixir [Free] : Want to know the model, OS Version, Sensors and their real time readings on your smart phone ? Here is an app that lets you do exactly that. Elixir gives comprehensive info about your smartphone. Also has a widget which will be handy to monitor things.

Screenshot of Elixir
9. DropBox [Free] : Ever bored/tired of connecting your smartphone to/from your computer to transfer small amounts of data? Here is the solution , use dropbox app on your phone and also on your computer.Now transferring your files by drag and drop to the folder on your computer which also syncs it with app on your smartphone !

Screenshot of Dropbox
10. ColorDict Dictionary [Free] : Just heard a word from someone for which you don’t know the meaning ? Use ColorDict to know the meaning instantly !. ColorDict provides both offline and online at once, word suggestion etc . You need to download separate packages to get different information like meaning, thesaurus, Wikipedia(online).

Screenshot of ColorDict Dictionary Universal
Bonus App : Team Viewer [Free for non commercial use] : Here come the Bonus App :), Have you ever thought to debug your friends computer but you don’t have access to your/his computer? Don’t worry, team viewer app helps you in this case. Team Viewer app lets you connect to remote computer (must have Team viewer application installed on his/her computer). Currently in Beta stage but usable state. It is free for non commercial usage 🙂 TeamViewer QR-Code

Hope this apps make your life more simpler. You can check all my app recomendations here.  Leave a comment if you like the post and/or you have better app to do same tasks 🙂
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