Android Vs Android

It is now a cliché to compare Android with iOS (and wrong for obvious reasons).We are in a situation where Android is competing with Android for bad .This post is continuation of my earlier blog The downside of Android (June 2010) . Nothing has improved from then , in fact it is getting worse. Everyone from Google and manufacturers (also carriers) have contributed their fair share in setting up a situation like this. With series of wrong doings they will(have) take(n) Android from a usable and major mobile platform to a piece of crap. What are they doing ?

Google :

  • As mentioned in my previous post, the timing of new version of Android from Google is highly frequent. Because of this manufacturers are finding it very difficult to keep up with the pace of updates. Google just announced and released Android 3.0 for tablet and Android 2.3 for phones, just as manufacturers are trying to come up with phone (not updating the existing ones !) Googlecoming up with  Android 2.4[rumor] . Seriously this should stop, else I am sure Android will see a premature death. Google definitely underestimates the effort required to upgrade the firmware
  • Poor management of Market. Though it is improving nowadays, a lot needs to be improved.

Manufacturers :

  • If I have to say in one word they are Greedy.Every manufacturers may it be HTC,  Samsung etc., have completely forgot customer as one of their parameter for their decision making. They have dumped old phones/tablets for new ones as the newer update of Android arrives. Moreover they are expecting customers to upgrade to new phone when they could just upgrade the firmware ,which is crazy and meaningless. This attitude will surely put a dent in the phone sales in few months.
  • No foresight(may be deliberate) in deciding the specifications for a phone. It is understandable that manufactures try to limit the spec so the device becomes obsolete and customers will buy new ones sooner. But they must be dreaming when the specs of the phone are not sufficient for the next version of the upgrade of firmware (remember with Google upgrades are every 2-3 months or so!)

All in all if Google or for that matter manufacturers do not learn a lesson before they face the effects of wrong doings, it wont do any good for them. Also there will be millions of customers with phones that are outdated just after months of buying. Google must take a tough stance on manufacturers by making a mandate to update the firmware when there is a possibility. It should also press them to make the boot loaders open as Android is claimed as OPEN SOURCE. If it cant do it, then they will kill the goose that lays golden eggs !! So in the war between Android and Android , who is the winner , who is the loser ? Now you know it !

Bottom Line: I am an Android Fan !!

Update : Since rumor is pretty strong that Android 2.4 (also called Gingerbread)  will be out in April, which will support Android 3.0 (dual core) apps on smartphones running 2.4, all phones releasing with Android 2.3 will be out dated even before their release !!!!!!!!

3 thoughts on “Android Vs Android

  1. Seriously dude, all these manufacturers are greedy dogs. They want to earn money without doing anything.. I always rely on custom rom developers.. not these f$$king bastards

  2. @Dheena, yes they seem like greedy, but I believe underlying problem is lack of understanding customer, companies sadly underestimate customer happiness at the end of the day.

    @Manish They need differentiation from others, thats always the problem in marketing android. Do try various launchers available on market, have you ? ADW etc

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