Gyan on how to go about in your First Job

Today Atul Chitnis tweeted about how to go about in First Job, he started tweeting about it by saying!/AtulChitnis/status/75773775345496064

It was followed by 20 tweets with #firstjob hashtag!/AtulChitnis/status/75774194557792256!/AtulChitnis/status/75774502012846081!/AtulChitnis/status/75775395517054976!/AtulChitnis/status/75775911777144833!/AtulChitnis/status/75776388354949120!/AtulChitnis/status/75777088426229760!/AtulChitnis/status/75777417897193472!/AtulChitnis/status/75777728841924609!/AtulChitnis/status/75778351616360448!/AtulChitnis/status/75779055135371264!/AtulChitnis/status/75779718279999488!/AtulChitnis/status/75780580360454145!/AtulChitnis/status/75780774812598272!/AtulChitnis/status/75781228367855616!/AtulChitnis/status/75782117455446016!/AtulChitnis/status/75782996292149248!/AtulChitnis/status/75784133950963712!/AtulChitnis/status/75784816427155456!/AtulChitnis/status/75785389788508161!/AtulChitnis/status/75785893167890432

To give a meaningful end to this with these tweets!/AtulChitnis/status/75786536129527809!/AtulChitnis/status/75788218221608961

Hope you will benefit from it πŸ™‚

Also its been a long time I have posted on my blog, this also relieves me from writers block which I was having. Hope I write more posts soon πŸ™‚

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