Safeguard and Backup Information on your Android

Bought an android phone recently? If yes, I write below few things to know and do.

Your Smart Phone is your identity, it has your passwords, phone numbers, notes, SMSes, emails, credit card information, browsing history etc; with so much data on it you cant be ignorant, it is very much required to safe guard and back up these info in case you forgot, lost or someone stole your phone.

Backup Contacts 

Run Contacts sync (Settings -> Sync)on your phone; all your contacts will be backed up on Gmail. For people who are afraid of Google that it knows and stores all your personal info then you should not have bought a Google phone. Else you can run Backup contacts to SD card, later keep a copy of the .vcf file generated on you PC.

Backup SMSes

If you need your SMSes to be backedup, your phones SMS client will give an option to backup SMS on phone’s SD card. Make a copy of this on your PC(needs to be done often).You can backup SMSes using apps like SMS Backup & Restore. You can enable PIN for your SMS using apps like Handcent SMS to protect your SMSes being read from unauthorized person

Use 2 step verification

If you have bought a Google phone you must be knowing by now that it is tied to your Google account (email id). Therefore no explicit authentication is required to access your Gmail, Gtalk, Reader, Checkout etc; therefore I recommend you to use Google’s 2 step verification. Using 2 step verification adds an extra step to access your account but it helps you safe guard your private information being accesses by unintended people, so its worth an extra step. Before using it go through the video , understand the system and then step ahead 🙂 If your phone is lost you can revoke access to the google apps on your phone using 2 step verification.

Use SHREDroid 

More often there is lot of information which is stored in cache even after they are deleted (sms, emails etc..,). Use SHREDroid to remove information from cache; if not removed often it could be easily read by a pseudo techy which allows access to your private information

Use “Wheres My Droid” app

If you happened to lose your phone, this app comes in very handy. It has features like enable ringer on phone after receiving a phrase over SMS, it also send the GPS coordinates of the phone after receiving a phrase over SMS.

Use only Trusted apps

You must have read many malicious apps on market, please be aware of such apps. Try and use only apps from trusted developer, Featured on Market, going through comments on apps on Market, recommendations from a trusted friend who know things(you know..).

Keep your phone updated

Android has a bad history as many vendors deprive customers of latest updates even after phones harware supporting it. Google has intervened now, hopefully things change. Therefore try to keep your phone updated to the latest OS from your manufacturer.

I could come up with these things about safe guarding your phone from unintended access from stranger. Ill add or write new post if I come across new things. Do add in the comments if you have more tips to safeguard and backup private information on your Android phone. Hope this post helps you 🙂

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