Kindle keyboard 3G – Review, Tips and what not

Its been nearly a year  since I bought my Kindle keyboard 3G. I presented it to my sister, but the fact is I ended up using more than she does. I believe nothing comes close to reading the physical book like Kindle does. It is one of those things you fall in love  instantly. In this post I write about why I like it, what you can do with it and  how to make better use of it and lot more.

Weight, Display and Battery

It very light so one can read on it for long time without tiring one’s hand. Also its e-ink display is so calm on eyes, no strain to eyes at all after reading for hours continuously. Page turns are fast , but the buttons on the side could be little difficult to change page using only one hand. Definitely not a deal breaker. Battery lasts for a light year , at least it feels like. Actually battery last that long I have not bothered to keep track of, also charging is pretty fast.

Content to Read, Books etc

Whats a Kindle without having books to read on it! In fact Kindle is about books than device itself. Few miss the point and confuse Kindle to books.Kindle is like a book shelf where you keep your books + some more functionality to help readers

Books are aplenty on Amazon store, so you can buy any book that is available there. I have  bought few books on Amazon store, since they charge in dollars I felt it is costly to buy all of what I like. Good thing is one can check out their daily deals and buy them at throw away price if you like the book. Also there are many sites where you can download royalty free and non-public domain books. I list a few below , do comment if you have any more links to get free ebooks in Kindle format.

I use Open culture , BooksontheKnob, eReaderIQ  and Project Gutenberg  free books in Kindle format(.mobi). Also check out for deals right on the Kindle.

If one has PDFs or ebooks in other formats like ePub then use Calibre a e-book management tool. Calibre is so cool that it converts the books on your computer into .mobi format and mails it to your Kindle. I use Dropbox , where I drop my e-books , and download the same on my Kindle since I don’t manage  book library on my computer.

If you like to read blogs use services like Instapaper , plugins available for various browsers which mail articles and blogs to your Kindle at the click of a button. Most of things I read on web are from the links on my twitter feed, I use apps like tweetcaster which has Instapaper add-on which in turn mails it to my Kindle. Imagine after a day of work all your reading materials in one place!

Mailing it to Kindle!  what does that mean ? It means one can assign a mail address to your Kindle and send mails to the email-id and the content will be available on Kindle. This service is free over WiFi and comes with a small fee if you want this service over 3G. And yes did I mention 3G is free! out of the box. 3G is also used for Whispersync, which is the term coined by Amazon which enable one to read a book from where you left irrespective of the device you are using, may it be a Kindle or Kindle app for Android/ iOS/ Blackberry/  Windows/ Mac/ WebClient etc.,

Kindle has around 3GB of space to use for books, but it offers cloud service where you can save all the books on cloud and retrieve it when you like it. This service is not just for the books you buy on Amazon but also for document, articles, e-books you mailed to your kindle account.

Why I like my Kindle/ Why you have to buy one

  • Feels like reading a physical book
  • Zillions of books/blogs  available to read apart from Amazon Store
  • Send to Kindle functionality
  • Dictionary function without leaving the book
  • Read from where you left across devices
  • Kindle doesn’t come with a twitter/facebook client, imagine the distraction free reading you can do on Kindle!!!!
  • and many more.,

How, Where to buy it. How much it costs

Since Amazon has entered India(I am from India) with Junglee one can book it on Junglee itself. No more worrying about paying big amount for shipping from US. I bought mine from US, compare the cost on Junglee and then decide whether to get one from US. It comes with warranty of one year which can be extended to 3 years by paying extra(30-40$). Kindle Keyboard 3G with sponsored screensavers cost 139$, I suggest you buy one with 3G. Check here for the updated price.

Cover for Kindle

I bought this official black  cover from Amazon( I am an official nazi when it comes to gadgets!) It costed me 30$. One can buy other covers which costs lesser from many online stores. If you are DIY person then try this 50 Kindle covers you can make yourself. This collection is so great , I am thinking to do one for myself soon. Will post when I do it.

Rest of it

With Kindle one can listen to audiobooks, audio books can be plain mp3 or the one bought from Audio book player is experimental so still primitive in functionality. So is the browser. If you are buying a Kindle keyboard it is logical to buy the one with 3G by paying a little extra, it’s definitely worth it!

13 thoughts on “Kindle keyboard 3G – Review, Tips and what not

  1. im abt to buy a kindle keyboard 3g.. i have some doubts.. to be precise confusion abt 3g(free or not) you said “This service is free over WiFi and comes with a small fee if you want this service over 3G” but if you check the following link, it actually contradicts your statement.

    amazon also claim that “Our Kindle Keyboard 3G will continue to offer experimental web browsing over 3G or Wi-Fi”. Is this true?? does your keyboard 3g also offer free web browsing??

    and also i recently got offer of kindle keyboard 3g for rs.7500/-. the geolocation of this product is USA, my question is if i purchase this would i be charged extra for using 3g to buy books or something else?? as the following link says so..

    so can u please help me. this will be my first kindle..

    1. 1.”This” service in the post refers to mailing (personal)documents to kindle either via WiFi or 3G. So mailing personal documents and receiving it on kindle via Wifi is free. It comes with a small fee to receive personal document over 3G. Personal documents are documents which are not bought from Amazon site.Hope this clears your first doubt.To know in more detail check this >

      2.3G is free out of the box for browsing(experimental) and also for buying books on Amazon.3G works in over 100 countries listed on amazon site irrespective of the country bought in etc. I bought from US and using it in India and it works fine for me. Hope this helps 🙂

  2. I am planning to buy a kindle keyboard 3g. I read somewhere that they have initiated a cap of 50 MB of browsing data per month and it no longer unlimited.

    Please reply if it is so.

    1. I was not aware of this. I did some googling and it seems what you mentioned i.e 50MB monthly cap is true. Currently it applies outside US. For me at least it doesn’t matter, as I don’t use it for browsing at all. I have to mention browsing experience is not great, limited to mails, wiki and fb. Also learnt limit move was to stop people from hacking kindle and use it as wifi hotspot. If you are buying now, you can try latest models with just wifi and touch. I have used them for a day or two. I found them just as good for reading novels. Reading technical books is a different question though.

      Hope this helped 🙂

  3. If I buy a Kindle Keyboard 3G from US and take it to India, will there be free 3G web browsing in India? Or will I have to pay big amounts in internet bills for downloading the books?

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