It was that day in the island where the sea was calm on eyes, waves were soothing on ears. Everyone waited for sun to set. The sunset here is the most beautiful and resplendent, they said. There is a hill nearby where the view of sunset is magical, they added. Some started walking towards it. Some started building a wall on which they could witness the sunset. Some sat there consuming the sumptuous treat nature had to offer. It was time, time waited for no one, so did the sun. It was a great sight, the people building the walls loved the view, the people walking to the hill missed it.

All were happy though, some liked to walk, some to build and some liked being ‘there’ and enjoy the moment. They liked the island for its sunset so much, they all decided to live there. Years passed. The walkers walked around the island collecting food for all. The builders didn’t stop building the wall, they built it higher and broader, day after day. Others carried on doing random chores that came up.

They forgot about the sunset.


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