May be

It rained that day. They caught enormous amount of fish. They came back to the shore with joyous face. Looked like it will be a good year. Happiness everywhere. They all got together in the bar to celebrate. May be its a human thing, people become nostalgic and philosophical about life when they are happy.

All were drunk.

We should not live in the past. We must learn to let go. We should be less attached to physical things. We must celebrate failure. Happiness is a decision and doesn’t depend on anything but us. These were the kind of things they spoke while they were in that über-philosophical mood.

I completely agree with that. We must learn to celebrate our own failure and be happy irrespective of things we possess or want to. I went one level deep and like a greatest philosopher was asking himself questions like is expecting an answer to a question also a desire? Is not wanting to desire a desire too? If yes how could one be selfless and still be without desire? At least this time I didn’t want answers to those self posed question. I knew I was a pseudo-philosopher. Suddenly the idea of wanting to be a greatest human philosophically, without any attachment, without any desire seemed absurd. I was confused. Also unhappy. I could see the irony there. But I was happy that I thought this way.

While I sat thinking more about it the sea was calm. Within it were zillions of creatures. Also all the wealth one would want to possess. It’s own sun and moon and stars and what not. It can change weather, affect every living and non living thing ever. But it was there as though not aware of all this. May be it never asked questions. May be it didn’t desire all the wealth it has within. May be it doesn’t know about a word that gives similar meaning of desire.

May be sea is the greatest philosopher. May be.

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