Next time, when you bookmark/favorite/mailyourslef a link to read later, think about it for a second or two. Think whether you really would want to read it or do you think you’ll make good use of the link. Give it an effective quick thought, overtime it seems more like an intuitive response. If the answer is no, you may not read it later, do yourself a favour by not bookmarking that link.

It can be easily argued that its a trivial thing and doesn’t hurt much. I would like to counter by saying – overtime, accumulation of unread/unused links creates a kind of guilt of “not doing” things you “love/like”. This is not a social effect but a result of introspection. Also I strongly believe that this is an extrapolation of the core human behaviour, to keep things which are not required with an explanation of later use. In short its greed. No its not wrong to save things for future, but when you do give it a good thought and act.

Why is it that it is greed when it comes to money and not when it comes to reading/knowledge ?

One thought on “Minimalism

  1. Greedy for knowledge, a unique way of looking at greed. But, don’t you think if the links you stored were organized in some fashion and easily accessible, you would share it with someone. Probably when you are discussing about some topic, you can say “hey, I have a useful link about this and here it is”. So, no greed, you are sharing.

    If we look back at what we once thought was useful, we will know where are interests lies. It is interest prediction based using bookmarks search technique :).

    It is just a little push we need, to do things the way we want to. So, should we carefully discard the stuffs assuming we will never read them or save them in an organized manner and read the stuffs that you once found interesting.?

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