Ticks of Lord Time

I am a big Game of Thrones (GoT) fan, I think it is the most brilliant TV shows ever made. I like the GoT theme song which is awesome, but I like Rains of Castemere more than the theme song. I think Rains of Castemere is very powerful. I liked it so much, I kinda changed few words and wrote a new song about my upcoming exams, where I basically fight time to do well in my exams. So here is the song I wrote and here is the cover of original song and its lyrics.

And who are you, the proud lord said,
that I must work so hard?
Only a student of a masters course,
that’s all the truth I know.
I’m either clueless or I’m in fear,
but I still have the ability,
And I work so hard and study till its late,
just like you always do.
And so he ticked, and so he ticked,
that lord of time,
But now the ticks in my watch,
with no one there to fear.
Yes now the ticks weep in my watch,
coz the exams are already over
Hope I live up to what I have written and give a good exams 😀
– Check some covers of Rains of Castemere on soundcloud or listen here below
Image source – here

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