The Spark

Series of not so exciting days, is something he could not handle. He was waiting for the spark around, the one that doesn’t allow one to sleep. Such a day did come, but, not before a long wait. A wait where the person he hated the most was no longer around him, it was him. Wait, where the last bit of infinitesimal amount of confidence was sucked out of him. He lived on a very small dosage of hope, which he carefully weighed and consumed. He knew for sure, he has to wait for a long time, to end his wait. In fact he wished if time could run backwards, for he was sure that he would be nearer to exciting times then. Sadly, like his mind, the time too was not in his control. A slave he had become, of laziness. With illusion, that of pursuit of excellence, he marched, day in and day out. Only to achieve mediocrity, and worst, make it the quality of his soul. He was fooling himself.

Times were difficult. He was in a state of mind, where he convinced himself that success should not be the goal of one’s life. He knew what he was trying to elude, he knew sooner or later it will find it. He knew, when failure find him, there is no eluding and he will be caught unguarded. He knew all along, that he had failed, it was with him all the time. He was running away from himself. Surprisingly, even with so much noise in his head, he slept very well. He was escaping life, realities and pain of dealing with them by just waiting. He could sleep in broad day light. But one fine night, he could not sleep.It was strange, he also turned off the small lamp thinking it would help him. He could not.

May be the wait ended, coz he found the spark,not around but within.

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