Objects in Space

As 2016 dawns upon me, I await for it with a child-like inquisitiveness and immense hope that it will be another interesting ride in my life. 2015 was special to me, because I have a feeling that I am back to my ‘best me’, the ‘me’ who is curious, confident and ready to take up the new challenge thrown at me. This year I make progress with my german, started learning mandarin. Read books which for me were the best of all I have read till now (though i did not reach my target). Did not run enough. Was mindful and practiced minimalism to the maximum. I have been more disciplined than I could have imagined to be, I am happy about it. I made some good friends though I could not keep in touch with my old ones. So this year has been a mix of ups and downs , like I want it to be. I made some progress with my interest in astronomy and astrophotography. With that note, I look forward to 2016! I leave you all with some pictures of ‘objects in space‘ that I took this month 🙂

All pictures are taken from a xperia Z smartphone and celestron Firstscope telescope.



Planets – Jupiter and 4 of its moons and Mars. Mars does not look great with my telescope.

Pleiades open cluster (also called M45) in Taurus constellation.

Happy new year 2016!!