Ticks of Lord Time

I am a big Game of Thrones (GoT) fan, I think it is the most brilliant TV shows ever made. I like the GoT theme song which is awesome, but I like Rains of Castemere more than the theme song. I think Rains of Castemere is very powerful. I liked it so much, I kinda changed few words and wrote a new song about my upcoming exams, where I basically fight time to do well in my exams. So here is the song I wrote and here is the cover of original song and its lyrics.

And who are you, the proud lord said,
that I must work so hard?
Only a student of a masters course,
that’s all the truth I know.
I’m either clueless or I’m in fear,
but I still have the ability,
And I work so hard and study till its late,
just like you always do.
And so he ticked, and so he ticked,
that lord of time,
But now the ticks in my watch,
with no one there to fear.
Yes now the ticks weep in my watch,
coz the exams are already over
Hope I live up to what I have written and give a good exams 😀
– Check some covers of Rains of Castemere on soundcloud or listen here below
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We part only to Meet again

My recent poem I wrote for my friend 🙂

We part only to Meet again

Known I have you, its been a while.
But memories I have of you is a huge pile.
Always nice to see you speak with a beautiful smile.
Want you to always go an extra mile
Happy I am for you, for you fly across oceans.
You won’t be near , so there will be few sad notions.
I know you’ll have a plethora of friends.
So the fun in your life never ends.
I admire you, coz you are hardworking and dedicated.
You are tough-minded at the same time tenderhearted.
You have a strong mind and a strong will,
U have a plan and implement you will.
I know in life you reach greater heights.
And in times to come achieve greater feats.
You have been an awesome friend.
People like you are very hard to find.
Here is me with lots of love and care,
Wishing you all the best and great future.
– Harsha

ConFessions of My heaRT

Sometimes i lie to myself that i no longer miss you.
Only to fool myself, to live in an illusion.

Sometimes i miss you more than anyone else in this world.
Only to relax and say to myself i’m wrong and yes I’m a liar.

Sometimes i hate myself for being a hypocrite.
Only to convince myself that it is ok.

Sometimes i forget many things i need to do.
Only to know i’m completely obsessed with you and i have no room for anything !

Sometimes i feel life for me is only you and nothing else.
Only to understand that is true always:)

Sometimes i feel you hate me the most.
Only to calm myself hoping that feeling wont last lonG.

Sometimes i feel i’m the most selfish person.
Only to think i’m right and i’m fair to myself.

– Harsha

A beat of a touch

We feel, we miss, we talk,
Drawing pictures in white sand.
Along the beach we walk,
Just You and I, Hand in Hand.

Is it because you are so dear?
Or could it be that love so near,
that I will die the day I will see,
somebody close to you other than me?

Feel so close, yet so far
With one touch, I know how close we are

I pray to God, let the time freeze,
then its you and I, forever at ease.
I’m in illusion, that I’ve grown into you
I’m at bliss, for me this feeling is all new

They say the lines on our hand,
they decide our fate and where we land.
Now that the lines on our hands met each other,
who decided their fate, to meet one another?

Feel so close, yet so far
With one touch, I know how close we are

Love the feelings It brings,
When your fate and mine become us
Can you hear the heart singing?
Can you see the eyes sparkling?

I feel the embrace of two hearts,
Through this simple one beat of a touch
I will keep this feeling even when we’re a part,
I will keep the memory at the corner of my very heart

Feel so close, yet so far
With one touch, I know how close we are

In collaboration with – Milana and Harsh Ajmera

follow them on twitter @rmilana and @Harsh_Ajmera

Photo from flickr at Wall Of Peace Moscow from Jeff Bauche._.·´¯)

A Special Poem

Dear Angel,

Thinking of you ,wherever I go,
Oh! dear Angel, in front of you I bow.
For a promise, you will be near,
With just as care and love forever.

You look beautiful just like your mind,
people like you are very hard to find.

Even if you are far from me,
I dont have to search for you.
You rest in peace, here in my Heart.
So, nothing on Earth can set us apart.

I wish one day I would be great.
If I succeed, for you I would dedicate.
These words from the depth of my Heart is for you
People who respect you like me are very few.

Thinking of you ,wherever I go,
Oh! dear Angel, in front of you I bow.
For a promise, you will be near,
With just as care and love forever.

– Harsha